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Babies are Sponges

by Cameo Pinder |  | 1 comment

As it is for everyone, parenthood is adventure into the great unknown. You can read all the parenting books you want and feel like you are truly ready to take on that wonderful child of yours, but sadly it's a lie. There isn't a way to prepare. There is no "This is how to be a good parent" formula. You just roll with the punches and take each day one at a time. Being a parent has taught me so many things.. one being that kids earn the most by watching and imitating.

It seems like its quite a novel idea right? I mean of course if they see you do something they would naturally pick up on it. But it is uncanny how much they see and copy you. I feel like daily now Libby starts a new habit that she has copied from myself or Nic. The most recent one that struck me was today when she picked up a hair tie I had dropped on the floor. Immediately she put it on her wrist, which is exactly where I wear one, and continued on her merry way to play. I was floored. And of course its not all good habits that she is retaining. At 21 months old little miss Libby can give the sassiest eye roll I have ever seen.

So much of being a good parent for your child is setting the example. They pick up on the body language, the way you treat others, the way you handle stressful situations...THEY ABSORB EVERYTHING! It's a terrifying thought, but it has been on my mind so much lately and is truly giving  me the motivation to really think about my actions and how they affect those around me. I think sometimes we forget about the impact we have and we get lost in the motions of day to day.

So I am going to be more mindful of myself, because you never know what a little mind will pick up on ;)

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