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Studio Reveal Part 1!

by Cameo Pinder |  | 2 comments


With all the big changes that the Pinder family life has been going through, as well as the growth that Goldie has been getting, my work studio has changed multiple times over the past two years. I started off in a corner of our bedroom, but always found myself on the floor of our living room, or at our dining room table. So the studio moved when my daughter switched bedrooms and a spare room opened up in our home. About a month from completing that space as my studio, we found out that Baby Boy Pinder was entering the picture and that meant that the studio I had been creating needed to be converted to a nursery. So in a third-time-is-a-charm type of fashion, my studio space has moved downstairs where our guest room used to be.


 We decided that I get much more work done when I can do it in a space that my daughter can play and stay entertained and where my husband can also spend time in. I don't get as much time at home as I wish I did, so taking time away from family time (or even just being in the same room of the house) to go to business stuff was giving me all kinds of mom guilt. So we decided to make the Goldie Studio a work place/living room/playroom/guest room. 


The big feature in the room so far is my desk, which is basically the hub for all things Goldie. My husband actually built this desk for me because I struggled so much with finding a desk that suited the multitude of things I needed it for. I wanted something large, so I could work on big wedding signs (instead of my living room floor), drying space for when I am doing calligraphy on envelopes, and so I could keep all my tools pretty out and readily available. I saw this desk that A Beautiful Mess had created and fell IN LOVE! I loved the natural wood top and the little cubby that spread throughout the desk. It is seriously perfect to hold all my inks nibs, scrap paper, etc!

We made slight changes to the design and added a shelf on the bottom where I can store supplies and products. I also ended up painted the top white so I could do flatlays on the top of the desk! (I specifically asked for the pressboard for the texture and still do not regret it at all its gorgeous in photos!) He also made it taller than your average desk so I could stand at it and work (especially on the big signs and projects).

I put together this beautiful peg board of photos and samples of past Goldie work to add inspiration to the room, as well as a touch of design ;) It has to feel like a work space but also like a living space, so I have been very particular with what is going on the walls. I am loving the gallery set up above the desk too, simple but easy to switch up with my mood!

We picked out this couch at IKEA 1- because we have a slight obsession with everything ikea and 2- because it has a queen size pull out bed in it! That way when we have people come stay over (which actually happens more often than we thought). I love the light green color of it and it is seriously so comfortable to sit on!


The space still has a some finishing touches to be added, hence why this blog is only part 1! Once we finish up Libby's play area and rest of the couch area I will share those spaces as well in a part 2!



Couch // Desk Chair // Rug // Letter Board // You're A Gem Sign // Clock  //  Writing Mat // Hat // 


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