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Holiday Gift Guides!

by Cameo Pinder |  | 2 comments

Let us (and some of our other favorite small businesses) help you find the perfect gift for your love ones this year!


First up we have a gift guide for her!

This could be your wife, your girlfriend, your roommate, your bestie, any girl in your life! Now most of these are my favorite things both from my own shop and from some of my favorites or it is things that I put on my own Christmas list! Hopefully it gives you ideas for your own christmas shopping! and yes while this list is mostly small business I couldn't resist adding the item from Amazon, because who doesn't love cold brew nowadays ;)

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Next up is the Mamas!
As a mama myself, picking out gifts for yourself is HARD! You are constantly planning the kids that you forget to even think of what you want. So I made this little guide to help pamper momma and make her feel special ;)

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And lastly a little gift guide to help with the kiddos!

Libby happens to be a pretty artsy child, so my gift choices tend to be a little geared towards that but I tried to include a little something for boys too ;)


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I hope you enjoyed this little helper for your Christmas gifts! May it help you find some new shops or give you inspiration for your own gift purchases!




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