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Lettering Favorites

by Cameo Pinder |  | 1 comment

Hey everyone! So while most of my designs I know create on my iPad Pro, when i started lettering it was with old fashioned pens and paper! That I believe is the best way to get comfortable with the pressures needed and to sketch and come up with your own style! So I figured I would drop all my favorites right here for you all in case you were curious or had no idea where to start!



Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen

Uchida Le Pen Flex-This one is my favorite for a beautiful thin brush stroke.

Zebra Pen Zenzations Brush Pen



I use paint pens for all my wood signs, mirrors, and glass! You can also use it on acrylic surfaces!

Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Marker- this gives a beautiful easy flow to the pen and you can buy replacement nibs and paint for it! Comes in different sizes but this size is my favorite for a thin line. And there are crazy amounts of color options!

Sharpie Paint Pen- This one is usually a beautiful opaque white but I find the pen malfunctions the most so you just gotta be careful when using 

 Zig Posterman Pen- great for acrylic surfaces!


CHALK MARKERS- So plain old chalk also works wonderful to play with faux calligraphy but I don't personally like the feeling of chalk, so I prefer my chalk to be in pen form ;)

Marvy Uchida Bistro Chalk Marker

VersaChalk Marker

America Crafts Chalk Marker- This one definitely has the closest to regular chalk look and feel. It's very erasable and writes like a chalk does.


OTHER ITEMS- So of course pens are kinda the main item to lettering but I have an assortment of other items I keep handy while I am lettering!

Mechanical Pencil- for sketches

Staedtler Eraser- works so amazing at getting rid of sketch marks and no smudging!

Laser Line- This is not the exact one I use but it is very similar! I use this to keep myself going straight on signs ;)

Silhouette Cameo- I use this to cut Vinyls! It's an investment piece but has been so valuable! Plus it helps me create all kinds of cool, diverse items! This version is a step up from what I have but same machine

Glowforge- This is my new investment piece and OMG I am in love. This is a laser cutter that does it all! I will be doing a separate blog on "Glowie" as we call it around here in a few weeks ;)

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