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St. Patty's Basket Ideas

by Cameo Pinder |

Keeping with the holiday baskets that have just been my absolute favorite, I thought I would jot down some ideas to help you create your own baskets from the sneaky leprechauns this year ;)

I gathered some of my favorites from small shops for you to check out. These are just a couple of the amazing green items I found for the holiday! 


1. Shirts / 2. Crayons / 3. Snap Clips / 4. Pennant Flag / 5. Jelly Bags / 6. Pjs

Often times I fill my baskets with stuff that I have to refresh for my kiddos anyways, but getting it for a holiday celebration and with some other themed items makes it so much fun!

-Bath Toys

-New Water Bottles/Sippy Cups

-A New Purse or Backpack


-Play-doh/Sand/Slime/Sensory Item

-Candy (Gold Coins are perfect for this occasion but you could also do Airhead Rainbow belts or something else rainbow like)

The possibilities are endless! And these items don't have to fully be themed, they can just be along the holiday colors or something adjacent. For example for pajamas, you could get green striped pajamas, pajamas with rainbows, etc. I am all for non-kitschy items!

How to put it together?

My favorite way to assemble things is with a basket! It can be a toy baskets, a rope basket, a box covered with fun wrapping paper, get creative ;) If you are short on time or don't want to go crazy with stuff, just simply stacking the items and wrapping them up with green ribbon is perfect too! Add a cute tag or flag and you are set!


So there you have it a few fun ideas to help bring some fun to your St. Patricks Day!



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